Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Legal Framework for Abiana Collection

The Chairman PIDA Mian Yawar Zaman has stated that provincial government will do necessary legislation to enhance the collection of Abiana for the availability of local funds to administer the repair and maintenance of water channels. He added that payment of Abiana is the primary responsibility of farming community which must not be overlooked.

It was stated by him while addressing a group of farmers in the presence of journalists and PIDA officers in his office. He said that irrigation service delivery has improved in different parts of Punjab where irrigation management has been transferred to farmers organizations. Participatory irrigation management system has also helped in getting rid of unnecessary non development expenditures, he added. While focusing the farming community, he said that irrigation infrastructures are our national assets and their protection is our joint responsibility.  He believed that the purpose of farmers participation in irrigation system is to develop sense of ownership among the farmers of Punjab.

 He concluded that the element of sustainability is directly linked with maximum Abiana collection so the FOs should deposit the collected amounts in government kitty for the availability of funds.  

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