Saturday, 31 March 2012

Documentary on Socio Environmental issues

PIDA management has advised its environmental specialists to prepare a documentary for awareness raising among the farmers to mitigate the social and environmental challenges which have been identified while implementing the irrigation projects. In this regard, the Deputy General Manager (TM) Najmus Saqib Rehmani will coordinate with the Social & Environmental Management Unit (SEMU) team.      

The said documentary will be shown to the farming community with the primary focus to urge them for the payment of Abiana so that the irrigation system could run in their interest on sustainable basis. 

Dissemination of Irrigation Sector Reforms through Radio Programs

The General Manager (OP) Ch. Karamat Ali participated in recording of Radio Program “Khait Khait Haryali” to discuss the importance of water for food security. He also dwelled upon the role of government for the better utilization of irrigation water. The said program has been broadcasted on World Water Day.
Likewise, Deputy General Manager (TM) Najmus Saqib Rehmani participated in the recording of another Radio Program “Sar Sabz Pakistan” which was broadcasted in all over the Punjab province for the orientation of farming community about the conservation of water by adopting the latest water saving techniques.
Both the programs have been highly appreciated by the stakeholders of PIDA. The same activity will also be repeated during the up coming months to create awareness about the better Abiana collection and control over water theft. 

Training of PIDA staff for Website Up Gradation

The PIDA website is being revamped in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board Lahore.  In this regard, PIDA management decided to train the concerned staff from PITB so that the further up gradation of the website could be possible by avoiding the wastage of time and resources. The computer cell staff has been deputed for the training which will be responsible for the improvement of the said website. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Seminar on World Water Day

The Government of Punjab will organize a seminar to celebrate the World Water Day  at Government Engineering Academy, Lahore on March 22,2012  to create awareness among society about the importance of water for food security  . 
The Minister for Irrigation/ Chairman PIDA Ahmad Ali Aulakh will preside the seminar while Secretary Irrigation Punjab/ Managing Director PIDA Ch.Khalid Masood will give a special address to the participants.  Besides many others, the General Manager (Op) PIDA, Ch. Karamat Ali, Deputy General Manager (TM) Najmus Saqib Rehmani, Chairman Area Water Board, Lower Chenab Canal (West) Malik Shamsher Khan will attend the seminar. 
The seminar will be helpful for awareness raising about the efficient use of water and its conservation.