Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Legal Framework for Abiana Collection

The Chairman PIDA Mian Yawar Zaman has stated that provincial government will do necessary legislation to enhance the collection of Abiana for the availability of local funds to administer the repair and maintenance of water channels. He added that payment of Abiana is the primary responsibility of farming community which must not be overlooked.

It was stated by him while addressing a group of farmers in the presence of journalists and PIDA officers in his office. He said that irrigation service delivery has improved in different parts of Punjab where irrigation management has been transferred to farmers organizations. Participatory irrigation management system has also helped in getting rid of unnecessary non development expenditures, he added. While focusing the farming community, he said that irrigation infrastructures are our national assets and their protection is our joint responsibility.  He believed that the purpose of farmers participation in irrigation system is to develop sense of ownership among the farmers of Punjab.

 He concluded that the element of sustainability is directly linked with maximum Abiana collection so the FOs should deposit the collected amounts in government kitty for the availability of funds.  

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Briefing to New Managing Director

The Secretary Irrigation Punjab/ Managing Director PIDA, Malik Hasan Iqbal has said that a comprehensive strategy to curtail water theft and improve the recovery of water cess (Abiana) will be devised so as the benefits of irrigation water be provided to all farmers equitably.

He stated this in response to a briefing given to him by the General Manager (TM) of Punjab Irrigation & Drainage Authority (PIDA) after holding the charge of PIDA’S Managing Director. The General Manager (op) Muhabbat Khan and General Manager (Finance) Malik Salim were also present during the briefing session.

The MD was apprised that PIDA had imparted irrigation management to 400 Farmers Organizations (FOs) on distributary canals by establishing five Area Water Boards at main canals. These FOs are performing their functions under rules and regulations regarding water supply up to tail ends, Abiana collection, repair & maintenance of channels as well as their de silting. The GM (TM) further told that the FOs are practically trained in the areas of technical, revenue and management aspects of canal operation for better service delivery. The formation of FOs is done through a transparent elections process, GM PIDA added.

The Managing Director PIDA Malik Hasan Iqbal was of the view that the farming community was the actual beneficiary of irrigation system so the equal distribution of water and collection of Abiana would be improved with the help of farmers organizations. He advised the PIDA officers to submit their recommendations for the betterment of participatory irrigation system.      

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Participation in Canals de silting

The Chairman PIDA Mian Yawar Zaman has directed the Farmers Organizations to actively participate in the de silting of canals program. De silting of water channels is inevitable for the proper flow of water and its availability in the tail portions, he added.
It was stated by him while chairing a progress review meeting in PIDA headquarters. The meeting was attended by the General Manager (TM), Afzal Anjum Toor, General Manager (OP) Muhabbat Khan, General Manager (Finance) Muhammad Salim Malik, Deputy General Manager (SM) Syed Shaiq Hussain Abidi, Deputy General Manager (OP) Mian abdul Rashid, Deputy General Manager (F) Najmus Saqib Rehmani and other concerned officers.
The Chairman while addressing in the meeting, directed the officers to facilitate the FOs in preparing cost estimates and tendering process for de silting works. He said that the participatory irrigation management system has been adopted to strengthen the role of farming community in canal operations and it needs to be supported vehemently. The chairman said that irrigation water is the basic right of every farmer so the FOs and other concern should make the de silting campaign more effective to achieve the target of water supply up to tail ends.  

On the Job Trainings Plan

PIDA is implementing on the job training plan which has been prepared in collaboration with JICA.  As per program, the practical training workshops will be implemented in the area water boards of Bahawalnagar, DG Khan and Faisalabad for the officers of PIDA, Irrigation and Agriculture Departments to improve their professional capacity regarding participatory irrigation management.
The master trainers of PIDA will conduct training sessions under the supervision of Deputy General Manager (Trainings) while the capacity building expert of JICA Mr. Takashi Fujisaki will also observe the quality.