Friday, 27 January 2012

Monthly Meeting on SIAP Activities

The staff of PIDA held a meeting with the representatives of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to review the monthly progress on “Strengthening Irrigated Agriculture through Participatory Irrigation Management in Punjab” Project.
The meeting was attended by Head PMO PISIP, Ch. Muhammad Shafiq, General Manager (OP) Ch. Karamat Ali, General Manager (Finance) Asif Sohail, Dy. General Manager (TM) Najmus Saqib Rehmani, Dy. General Manager (SM) Shaiq Hussain Abidi, Manager(SM) Manzoor Ahmad Siddiqui, Manager (M&E) Rizwan Aslam and Manager (Finance) Fawad Ahmad from PIDA while Mr. Susumu Uciumi and Mr. Aslam Qureshi participated from JICA.
JICA and PIDA representatives discussing on SIAP
The meeting discussed in detail the FOs elections process in Lower Chenab Canal (West) Area Water Board and decided to direct the concerned Chief Executive to prepare the new voters lists within the period of two weeks. Likewise, a three months target for the completion of whole process of the formation of 67 FOs was set. While discussing the activities related to institutional reforms process, the meeting was told that Area Water Board elections at Bahawalanagar would be ensured within two months. The concerned quarters have already been directed to complete the arrangements for elections.  
The meeting, for the training and capacity building of FOs recommended to ensure the maximum participation of stakeholders in the training sessions. The meeting desired that the trainers should have more focus on the practical dimensions of irrigation management like record maintenance, Abiana collection mechanism and the technical aspects of water supply. The curriculum for the capacity building of FOs, prepared by JICA was also discussed. The meeting was told that the process for recruitment of PISIP staff is also underway. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Visit of Managing Director PIDA in Japan

On the invitation of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Mr. Irfan Elahi Managing Director PIDA visited Japan in 2nd week of November 2011. The purpose of the visit was to introduce him water management system of Japan under the concept of public private partnership based on the participatory Irrigation Management.
MD PIDA observing the farmers's managed canals control system
The representatives of Japan Water Agency and Land Improvement Districts (Farmers Organizations in Japan) welcomed and introduced to him the rubber gate in Kikugawa city on the river to manage and operate the water supply to farm and city areas which was operated by varying air pressure. The MD observed that the banks of the river were protected by concrete.  The staff explained him the functions of Banba Reservoir which collects the surplus water and release to the canal when the water demand is increased. He was also explained the control of the canal system of Banba Reservoir through a central control system which receives the demand of water form LIDs and releases the water to farmers accordingly by operating the gates electronically.
The Managing Director also visited the green house owned by farming community involved in water management where a Japanese farmer while briefing told that water fee was not an issue for him but the diesel price was very serious for farm management. Later, the farmers’ managed tomato and rice processing units were also visited where the products of member farmers were processed on subsidized rates. He appreciated the well organized mechanism of irrigated agriculture in Japan and declared it a role model for Pakistan’s water and agriculture sector.