Saturday, 4 August 2012

Nomination of Focal Person for Children Complaint Office

A Children Complaint Office has been established in the office of the Ombudsman Punjab with the assistance of UNICEF which is serving as a dedicated redress and responsive forum for grievances, particularly relating to children below the age of eighteen years.
To enhance the working of Children Complaint Office especially at rural level, the Ombudsman office has sought the help and assistance of the public sector organizations which are key stakeholders in the protection of children rights. Likewise, PIDA management was also requested to nominate a focal person for the matters pertaining to the protection of child rights. In this regard, Manager Communication & Education Cell of PIDA has been nominated as Focal Person.   

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Training Material for PIDA Stakeholders

The Training Department of PIDA has been working for the development and preparation of training material for the capacity building of Farmers Organizations and Area Water Boards members and staff in collaboration with JICA. The said training material will also help improve the professional capabilities of PID and PIDA staff. After the hard work of several months, following training material and manuals have been prepared:
  1.      Operational Manual for Farmers Organizations.
  2.        Training Material for Professional Staff of PID/FOs and AWBs.
  3.         Accounting Manual.

The purpose of these training manuals is to facilitate the training process as well as to improve the technical knowledge and guidance to carry out day to day works of all stakeholders involved in institutional reforms process of irrigation sector, according to Deputy General Manager(SM/Training), Syed Shaiq Hussain Abidi. Likewise, PIDA will start the 2nd round of training for FOs and their staff during the next month.  

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Orientation Workshop at Sahiwal

On the request of PIDA, the Japan International Co operation Agency (JICA) organized an Orientation Workshop for the Presidents of Farmers Organizations in the Area Water Board of Lower Bari Doab Canal(LBDC), Sahiwal. The Chief Advisor JICA Mr. Susumu Uciumi and Technical Advisor JICA Mr. Aslam Qureshi and Deputy General Manager (TM) PIDA Najmus Saqib Rehmani participated in the workshop as resource persons while Program Director LBDCIP, Mr. Javed Akhtar was also present.
The first session of the workshop consisted of providing information to the staff of PID and AWB LBDC on their role and functions in the formation of FOs/AWBs and thereafter support and capacity building of the said entities in the performing of their duties. Mr. Susumu Uchuimi and Mr. Najmus Saqib Rehmani delivered lectures during this session.
The second session consisted of the orientation of the Presidents of the Farmers Organizations which was conducted by Mr. Aslam Qureshi. In the said session, the FO Presidents were briefed on the demarcation of their roles and PID staff after the Irrigation Management Transfer. The Presidents were informed that after their up gradation from Category ‘B’ to ‘A’, they have the functions to perform as per FOs Rules 2010, 2012 and Canal & Drainage Act 1873. The participants thanked JICA for holding such useful workshop.