Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Monitoring of FOs Advance Training by JICA at Bahawalnagar

The Chief Advisor of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for Strengthening Irrigated Agriculture through Participatory Irrigation Management in Punjab Project (SIAP) Mr. Uchiuimi Susumu held a field visit at Bahawalnagar to observe the Advance Training for management committees’ members of newly established FOs.
The Advance Trainings are a part of PIDA’s training and capacity building program for FOs at their IMT unit level. The basic purpose of these trainings is to educate the participants about the need of institutional reforms, their role and duties in participatory irrigation management model and the different functions of FOs in terms of accounting, technical, revenue and the general management of FOs including operational work of distributaries. The Advance Training program has been started from April 2011 and will remain continued as per approved schedule in which training sessions are being conducted on convenient places for the participants for two days.
The JICA representative in his findings has reported that the coordination among training staff was very good and the trainers showed respect towards participants which was very much impressive. The questions of the participants were answered very effectively and the trainers were well prepared for their lectures.
The attitude of participants during the both days was highly appreciable as 80 percent participants attended the training even in the wheat harvest season. Almost, each participant put his share by commenting, questioning and confirming about different issues. They were highly enthusiastic to run the participatory irrigation system and eager to learn everything which could be helpful for running their FOs. The JICA representative expressed his satisfaction on the overall management of training in term of facilities, contents and the training methodology. He suggested that the training material should be provided to all the participants besides the FO Presidents.  


Monday, 30 May 2011

Documentary on Irrigation Sector Reforms


PIDA and APNA News TV Channel has prepared a news package/documentary on Participatory Irrigation Manaegement.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Zonal Workshops for Environmental Conservation

The Social & Environmental Management Unit (SEMU) organized two workshops as a part of the training and capacity building program for Engineers to enable them meet the environmental challenges while implementing the irrigation projects. The first workshop was conducted in the committee room of Directorate of Land Reclamation Lahore and the second in the office of Chief Engineer Irrigation Zone Faisalabad. There were thirty participants in the both workshops including Superintending Engineers, Executive Engineers and Assistant Executive Engineers.
Both the workshops were started with the inaugural sessions of the respective Chief Engineers. The Chief Engineers appreciated the work of SEMU in providing technical support in social and environmental risk assessment and management for irrigation and drainage projects. They urged the canal officers to give importance and priority while designing and executing the projects.
In the workshops, the Director SEMU briefed the participants about the progress and achievements due to the implementation of guidelines which have been developed to mitigate the socio environmental challenges of irrigation projects. The trainers dwelled upon the supplementary checklists for the identification of social and environmental issues and the guidelines to mitigate them. The trainers also shared their field experiences with the participants and answered their questions. During the workshops, the participants were also provided an opportunity to discuss the issues of surface water pollution and how to manage it in collaboration with Environmental Protection Department. At the end, the participants were also shown a documentary highlighting the environmental issues of River Ravi.    

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Administrators Appointed in LCC (West) Area Water Board Faisalabad

PIDA has appointed the Executive Engineers of Irrigation Department in the Area Water Board of Lower Chenab Canal (West) Circle Faisalabad as Administrators after the expirey of three years tenure of Farmers Organizations. It was decided in a meeting in the office of said Area water Board preseided by General Manager (OP) Ch. Karamat Ali. 
The Administrators will manage the water channels as per PIDA rules till the formation of new Farmers Organizations in the whole Area Water Board.  

Friday, 6 May 2011

Three Years Tenure of Farmers Organization in Sargodha and Faisalabad Completed

The Managing Director PIDA Malik Rab Nawaz has accorded the approval to dissolve 67 Farmers Organizations in the Area Water Board of Lower Chenab Canal (West) Circle Faisalabad and 6 in Lower Jehlam Canal Circle Sargodha after the completion of three years tenure as per Irrigation Management Transfer Agreement. 

The General Manager (TM) Syed Zahid Ali has directed the Chief Executives of both Area Water Boards to prepare the elections schedule on priority basis for the early formation of new FOs. The Chief Executives will also notify the "Administrators" as a temporary arrangement for the canal operations during the interim period. He also has instructed to freeze the bank accounts of these FOs with immediate effect. However, the bank accounts may be operated with the prior approval of concerned Superitending Engineer,Canal Circle for the expenses against staff salaries and other works of emergent nature.

It is necessary to mention here that the staff of FOs will remain intact to ensure the safe custody of the record and also to keep in the ready condition for audit purpose.Likewise, The instructions to plan the mechanism for the collection of unrecovered Abiana (water charges) amount also have neen issued.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Training & Capacity Building Program for Farmers Organizations

PIDA has initiated the training program for the capacity building of newly established Farmers Organizations. The training program has been started in the Area Water Boards of Lower Chenab Canal ( East), Bahawalnagar and Dera Jaat Canals Circles. After the training sessions,  it is expected that the Farmers Organizations would be able to manage their distributary canals independently especially in the technical, revenue and office management affairs. The FOs will also be able to curtail water theft and the repair & maintenance of water channels on self help basis.
The General Manager (TM) Syed Zahid Ali has instructed the concerned staff to implement the training plan as per approved plan and ensure the maximum attendence of participants.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Talk Shows on Radio Pakistan

PIDA has coordinated four Radio Program from Lahore center during April, 2011 to disseminate the achievements of Farmers Organizations under Participatory Irrigation System. The General Manager (Operation) Ch. Karamat Ali and Deputy General Manager (Social Mobilization) Syed Shaiq Hussain Abdi participated in the talk shows and explained the farmers managed irrigation system in detail. Likewise, PIDA has also requested Radio Lahore to broadcast at least two such programs during May,2011.

Documentary on Farmers Managed Irrigation System

PIDA and APNA News TV will prepare a documentary/news package to hi light the impact of Participatory Irrigation System. The documentary will help to encourage the Farmers Organizations as they are making efforts to control water theft, water rates(Abiana) collection and the water supply upto tails of canals equitably.